Chiropractic Savings

Chiropractic Savings

All chiropractic care services in this program offered by an authorized provider in the participating network are eligible for discounts under this plan. These discounts range from 5% to 50% off routine charges. No chiropractic services offered by an authorized provider are excluded from the plan.

The program provides the following discounts from over 5000 provider locations:

  • 50% off Initial Exams, Consultations and Diagnostics, combined
  • 50% off of the cost of In-House x-rays
  • 25% - 30% off Spinal Adjustments

How to access this benefit

  • Call (800) 775-7900, provide the customer service representative with your name and membership number
  • Call the participating provider to make an appointment. Make sure to identify yourself as a member of Chiropractic Lifecare of America network